Infamous Stringdusters: “Laws of Gravity”

Infamous Stringdusters “Laws of Gravity” Compass Records The Infamous Stringdusters have always been difficult to categorize. That’s part of their charm. Part traditional bluegrass (leaning on sound bluegrass instrumentation, namely guitar, Dobro, banjo, fiddle, and standup bass), part jam band (extended sets of songs in their live shows in which one song triggers another), and […]

Noam Pikelny: “Universal Favorite”

Noam Pikelny “Universal Favorite” Rounder Records Noam Pikelny is the most ingratiating musical iconoclast you’re likely to come across. He has deep roots in the Americana genre, and his playing, on banjo in most contexts, is precise and brilliant. Pikelny has produced a string of outstanding solo records, most recently “Universal Favorite”. Despite the success […]

The Infamous Stringdusters: “Undercover” EP

The Infamous Stringdusters “Undercover” EP Lumenhouse Recordings Known for their live shows, The Infamous Stringdusters constantly search to capture the delirium of their stage fusillades on record releases. The Stringdusters’ challenge flows, in part, from their conscious choice to stream virtually every live show for free (via Mixlr ) and to generously post, for little […]

Feature: The Infamous Stringdusters

The Infamous Stringdusters June 13, 2016 Nearly ten years on, The Infamous Stringdusters have carved out a  singular place for themselves in the bluegrass/jamgrass world. The Stringdusters tour aggressively, are fixtures on the festival circuit, and have released several intriguing recording projects since late 2015: one, an EP of covers, including Tom Petty’s “American Girl”, […]

Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons: “Take Yo Time”

Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons “Take Yo Time” Rhapsody Records Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons refer to themselves as “songsters”, a seldom-used genre sobriquet that predates “bluesman”. Songsters were traveling musicians who would go from town to town playing songs for pay; any song was fair game. Songsters  have been described as human jukeboxes, aptly […]