Ricky Skaggs (with Eddie Dean) “Kentucky Traveler: My Life In Music ”

Ricky Skaggs (with Eddie Dean) “Kentucky Traveler: My Life In Music ” Dey Street Books, Publisher Ricky Skaggs has lived a life of music and he’s not done yet. Most folks would be proud of having accomplished in their lifetime what he does in a year. Mr. Skaggs decided a few years ago to write […]

Irene Kelley: “These Hills”

Irene Kelley “These Hills” Mountain Fever Records Irene Kelley has created a bluegrass record which seems just right- well-conceived, with outstanding songwriting, singing and powerful musicianship. From the trickle down banjo run which introduces “Carolina Wind” to the soulful mountain vibe which exemplifies the final cut, “Before You Call Me Home”, Kelly makes a case for […]

James Leva: “All Over The World”

James Leva “All Over The World” Patuxent Music James Leva practices traditional music with commitment. His new Patuxent Records release “All Over The World” demonstrates this through its 17-track journey. Leva , an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, pursues his passion in Appalachian Virginia, and has, here, collaborated with his daughter, Vivian Leva, on several vocal tracks. (Nora Jane […]

Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons: “Take Yo Time”

Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons “Take Yo Time” Rhapsody Records Ben Hunter and Joe Seamons refer to themselves as “songsters”, a seldom-used genre sobriquet that predates “bluesman”. Songsters were traveling musicians who would go from town to town playing songs for pay; any song was fair game. Songsters  have been described as human jukeboxes, aptly […]

The Gibson Brothers: “In The Ground”

The Gibson Brothers “In The Ground” Rounder Records The family band is a longstanding conceit of bluegrass and mountain music, including the Carters, the Osbornes, the McReynolds, the Whites, The Stanleys, and even the progenitors of bluegrass Bill and Charlie Monroe. The trope continuing to the present with The O’Connor Family Band, Spinney Brothers, The  […]

Eli West: “The Both”

Eli West “The Both” Self-released Eli West is a songster, an accomplished guitarist and singer. In his new collection “The Both” he takes simple songs and arrangements and presents them with genuine feeling. The Both”, the product of a Kickstarter project, features West collaborating with some really fine instrumentalists. Notably, Bill Frisell, the jazz guitarist, […]